For the purpose of improving the user experience when using the web site, further in the text as the WEBSITE, the WEBSITE saves to your computer a certain amount of information in the form of text files, the so-called cookies. Examples of data that are most commonly stored in cookies:

  • user settings,
  • website settings,
  • access information (so you can stay logged in),
  • website language, etc.

Nakon što se kolačić spremi na vaše računalo, sljedeći put kad pristupite WEB STRANICI, vaš će internetski preglednik poslati natrag kolačiće koji joj pripadaju. Na ovaj način WEB STRANICA može sačuvati vaše preferencije i postavke te vam na taj način poboljšati iskustvo prilikom korištenja i pregleda WEB STRANICE.

Once the cookie is saved to your computer, the next time you access the WEB SITE, your browser will send back the cookies that belong to it. In this way, the WEBSITE can save your preferences and settings, and with this improve your experience when using and browsing the WEBSITE.

Cookies may contain a wide range of information, including some personal information, however, all data may only be saved if you enable it.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies,
  • Permanent cookies.

By visiting and using the WEBSITE, you agree to the use of cookies, and if you wish to disable them you can do so in the settings of your web browser.


What are Session cookies?

Session cookies are removed from your computer after you close your browser. With them, websites store temporary data.


What are Permanent cookies?

Permanent cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser program and are saved for a period of time, which can be a few minutes or several years. With them, websites store information, such as access data.


First-party cookies

First party cookies are cookies stored and used by the website you are currently browsing.


Third party cookies

Third party cookies are not posted by the WEBSITE, but from other, affiliate websites or services available through the website you are currently browsing.


How do I disable cookies?

Instructions for setting cookies in your browser can be found at the following addresses:

You can read more about cookies here:

If you have any further questions about our privacy policies and use of cookies, please contact us at

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