FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

30% after signing the Pre-agreement, 20% after setting up ground plane, 30% after outside construction is finished and exterior carpentry is set up,  20% after finishing the process of condominium within the land registry and signing the main Purchase agreement.

If the project is in developing phase we we enter into a pre-sale agreement which defines the terms of payment, deadlines and mutual obligations. You are entitled to a refund if the project is not realized within the period of dynamics agreed in the pre-contract. In each of our projects, 60-70% of the investment funded by the partner bank, which is an additional guarantee of project profitability, transparent relationship, proper construction documentation and compliance with agreed deadlines.


Fine`sa Conceptus is an investor and project manager from the phase of analyzing of the location and purchasing the land, building and sales activities. Real estate brokers are our partners in the sales process.

To us. We take care for all out clients after they buy an apartment i we try to to meet them as much as possible, which can be confirmed by all our previous customers.

Yes, that kind of cooperation are acceptable for us and we are willing to take that into consideration.

You can invest in our model of Fine’sa INVESTMENT SAVINGS. Beside that we offer an individual project investments where we are partners in a particular, specified project.

Fine’sa INVESTMENT SAVINGS represent the investment in corporate bonds of Fine’sa Conceptus investment company for a period of 5 years with a fixed interest rate of 4.00% per annum which is paid monthly. In addition to the above, investors are entitled to a premium that is paid with the maturity of the bonds together with the principal, and represents protection against inflation during the investment period. The minimum stake is € 50,000.

PROJECT INVESTMENTS are direct investments of co-investors in certain real estate projects. They are individual and have flexible conditions depending on the agreement between the co-investor and the project manager.

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